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The Latino Leadership Playbook is a one-of-a-kind leadership accelerator for our professional community.  The goal of the book is to flood the talent pipeline with confident, informed, high-impact, and promotion-ready Latino leaders – we now have the insights, framework, and expert advice from some of today’s most influential Latino & non-Latino business leaders needed to drive our careers forward for maximum leadership impact and potential.  As Yai Vargas states, “This playbook is like having a number of different counselors, guides, and mentors in the palm of your hand – giving you diverse perspectives and expert advice that will get you at least where they have gotten and more importantly, further than you could ever imagine for yourself!”

“Creating value in unique ways and helping other leaders across the organization meet their business goals is always a great way to stand out and showcase your brand to new audiences.”

-Refugio Atilano

FREE Workbook Templates

The Latino Leadership Workbook Templates are a companion to The Latino Leadership Playbook and so you can apply all the principles and best practices from the book. The goal is to provide all the tools to give you the confidence to make informed, high-impact decisions that each day will drive your career forward. You deserve to have impact and be recognized as a leader through your potential!  Achieving success in corporate America has never been so attainable.

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