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“The days of only focusing on your role, working hard, and “hoping to get promoted” are over. It’s now time to show up big and to swing big! It’s time to take bold action and for the new Latino/a leader to step up and show the real impact our community is ready to make!”

-Refugio Atilano

Refugio is a 2nd-generation Mexican-American Latino born and raised in Chicago, IL.  He’s a first-generation graduate and business leader with vast experience working in many corporate environments for Fortune 500 companies. 

Refugio’s passion is in developing Latino leaders for the current and future generations.  He strongly believes in the importance and power of sharing knowledge to develop the collective leadership capabilities for all Latinos.  Because Latinos are currently almost 20% of the population but only represent 4% of the seats in senior management roles, he is extremely passionate about using his experience and strategic network to develop tangible solutions to begin to close that gap!

Refugio strongly believes in the power and influence of the Latino community and is a strong advocate for our leadership potential.  He is hyper-focused on developing our community’s leadership capabilities through The Latino Leadership Playbook, with more programming to come soon that will be targeting college and high school students so they can be set up for leadership success at an early age and are workplace-ready coming out of school.

Refugio’s brand is one of professionalism, determination, vision & execution, and exceptional relationships.  He strongly believes that our natural Latino superpowers (i.e., problem solvers, passionate, and team-players) will be a game-changer for the new Latino leader and he is committed to showing how to bring those elements to life so that we begin to add unique impact as a professional community and set us up to be the new Latino leaders of tomorrow!