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Accelerating Latino Leaders


Global Business and ERG Leader, DEI Champion, Author, Speaker

The Latino Leadership Playbook Virtual Book Launch

The Latino Leadership Playbook Official Book Launch Party


“Our family-first mentality is a Latino superpower and one that can add a ton of value to your company’s performance and overall career – we are natural collaborators, supporters, and relationship builders…all attributes that are great for team settings.” -Refugio Atilano

Refugio is a 2nd-generation Mexican-American Latino born and raised in Chicago, IL.  He’s a first-generation graduate and business leader with vast experience working in many corporate environments for Fortune 500 companies.


Refugio captivates audiences with his dynamic presence, leaving a lasting impact as a powerful and inspiring speaker.

The Latino Leadership Model

The goal is to position all Latinos to “work smart” in addition to “working hard”.


Refugio is the author of The Latino Leadership Playbook, a toolkit that will accelerate your impact in the workplace.